Writing Off Jane Carroll’s John Kelly

DOUBLE GENEALOGY: The ADOPTION WITNESS. Update 4, Addendum 8 Genealogical bereavement: the profound sense of loss on realizing that the long--departed soul under lengthy intensive scrutiny is not an ancestor. The state of grief and disbelief that must pass before another target can be tackled. Alas, we deem that Jane's John is not ours. Those … Continue reading Writing Off Jane Carroll’s John Kelly

Another Researcher Poses Data Challenge #1

The key to John might be Jane. That is our hope; so far, the ploy has come up short. Now, had you read “Imagining Genealogy from a Deathbed Rant” you’d know that John Kelly was likely our biological great grandfather. Born in the US 1859, or so, he vanished from Scotland after registering his non-wedlock … Continue reading Another Researcher Poses Data Challenge #1

Imagining Genealogy Fairly

Oh. We meant imagining genealogy “Fairlie”. You see, had you read a preceding post here, “Imagining Genealogy from a Death Bed Rant” then you’d know we had been unfairly stymied by Jane Carroll. Jane repeatedly claimed she was born in Scotland around 1861, including at her last available census, that of 1911, when she was … Continue reading Imagining Genealogy Fairly