Writing Off Jane Carroll’s John Kelly

DOUBLE GENEALOGY: The ADOPTION WITNESS. Update 4, Addendum 8 Genealogical bereavement: the profound sense of loss on realizing that the long--departed soul under lengthy intensive scrutiny is not an ancestor. The state of grief and disbelief that must pass before another target can be tackled. Alas, we deem that Jane's John is not ours. Those … Continue reading Writing Off Jane Carroll’s John Kelly

REDIRECTING “MEMORIES”: Oldfoundpeople and Newfoundland

The category “Memories” on this blog has covered my early years in our logging camp at Port Renfrew, British Columbia, circa 1940.   That era was captured in a series of posts named “From The Logging Camps” that were drawn from a scrapbook my father constructed for me, in 2000. He called it “Forest Regeneration”.  … Continue reading REDIRECTING “MEMORIES”: Oldfoundpeople and Newfoundland