Not My Ancestor: Maybe Yours?

This column will be continuously updated as time permits, but is not fTitleOnlyor my usual blog readers. It is just data; no story.  Leads we chase in research often result in dead-end, as far as our own needs are concerned. The path is sometimes convoluted by data gaps or inconsistencies. A heap of work is expended on these, only to realize a wrong direction taken. While the output of the effort is useless to ourselves, others may be seeking it. These data are offered here, to benefit whomever may load a search box for it.

These data should be considered as notes. Those using them should verify their accuracy, either at the sources cited, or others, and then credit the sources actually used, in their papers.

Updates to this database will come in the form of an update to the attached PDF below, entitled  “Not my Ancestor” below, or Not my Ancestor New The latter updates the first, but, the older data will stay online until “new” is picked up by search engines. 

Not my ancestor


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