Plagiarism: Downright Theft.

Dear Readers:

I read well researched articles at Insightful Geopolitics by Sandomina, such as “2025 End Game – Xi’s China Mirroring Nazi Germany” which is part of an excellent series. He is being plagairized on YouTube. After reading his article (first URL) please slide over to the next, and come to his rescue.

Whether one agrees with an analysis or not, such theft is really infuriating. It reminded me, on a smaller scale, of a letter I had sent to an infringer a couple of years ago. It contained the following harangue.

Poor thing! Your “I ought to be on commission for your book sales”, opens you to this rant.  Yours was not the only Tree to break copyright, plus, cheaper unauthorized PDF copies appeared online. I got eaten alive by crickets who denied me recognition.  The book is written to a narrow audience; family and heritage buffs. Give them my goodies, and I am bust. Good thing remuneration was not the goal. It is an extremely detailed research paper, as needed to explore and ultimately reveal, several complex episodes of illegitimate birth and adoption.  I had been proud to thoroughly glue many documentarily fractured families together and establish fact patterns by which they can now post to Trees, with ease. Just cite me, please. Proud to bring the elder half of the Gemmell/Young family to Crossford, from Edinburgh, through Bothwell, amid incongruent data sets; connect the Browns and Dicksons of Lesmahagow; show Jane Harwood to be of the same McKinlay line as Mary French; establish full heritage for Cairns, Russell, Millar, Barr, etc. and tease out many a Kelly. Chocked it full of facts! Wove them into family stories for all, and ended with an account of Grandfather’s years in Scotland.  Still, if searching for ancestor’s facts, what Tree building, potential book buyer, might not opt for its condensed contents, if presented online for free easy taking.  Just saying. Water under the dam.  We move on.

I bet every single reader will have encountered similar. Per Sandomina, enough is enough! Sorry for the rant. Maybe.

8 thoughts on “Plagiarism: Downright Theft.

  1. I have had others lift my information from my genealogy research without asking. It’s hard to process. On another note, I did click on both links you provided. The first was incredibly interesting but the second did not work.

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    1. Not just the unauthorized lift, miffed. My theory was presented as “alternate” truth on online family trees. These have no oversight to assure that source is posted, and when posted, that the source actually lays proof to the claim. Truth and maybe do not equally co-exist in any field. Harumph. I’d have guided better, had permission been sought. Thanks so much, for the heads-up on the broken link.

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