From the logging camps (3)

It is just too hard to leave Port Renfrew, so we will not tell of life in Corner Brook, NL, or the BC environs of Victoria, Port Alberni, Great Central Lake, or Nanaimo just yet.  Lake Cowichan, Chemainus and the Malahat shall equally wait.  

By this time of his life, Grandad James Dickson, who was subject of “Double Genealogy: The Adoption Witness” was tending to issues of safety in mines across BC. He and Nana now lived in the big city of Victoria. So did Granddad and Granny Hemmingsen. City folk, we heard, repaired to places rural to get away from it all. Maybe not the middle of the woods. We though, got away from it all, by visiting grandparents in the city.  Big brother John and I either rolled logs all the way down the Strait to Victoria, or were seasick aboard the Maquinna. Are we there yet?


Photo duo “houses” from Marilee Wein Scrapbook © 2018

“From the Logging Camps” is sourced from a scrapbook Pop put together.1 Here are two pictures from the book, previously shown; the first, logging train tracks in front of our home.

The second is Mum and her kids in front of a logging truck. The “post it” below is from Page 2A and lays under this picture of the truck to explain how it emerged in the middle of the forest, where no road led. While trucks were to replace track I believe the track remained in front of the house, for the duration of our stay.

Port Renfrew Pg 2A from Marilee Wein Scrapbook © 2018

OH! To begin at the beginning, because we did not, here is Pop’s scrapbook page 1, without its referenced picture of Mum.

 If you would like to see pictures of skidders/loaders or a 90-ton shay locomotive, then stay tuned. Trestles too, and maybe a tree, or just a cone.

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  1. John Oliver Hemmingsen (1913-2008) authored this scrapbook. All postings and pictures are from his family collection. Posthumously published at this blog under its copyright, below.
  2. Note: John Dickson Hemmingsen and his wife Cherie, are authors of two inspirational books:     “2000 Days in China” ISBN # 978-1-60264-538-7 and “Gifted Life: a Healing Odyssey”  The latter is a free online booklet.

4 thoughts on “From the logging camps (3)

  1. Hi Marilee. Thanks for including me. I am not yet adept at WordPress, so I hope I have followed everything I can. This brings back memories and shadow memories. I will keep looking for your postings to keep reading. …. Joanne


    1. So glad to see you here, Joanne! I am also not yet WordPress adept, so website has been a challenge. Also, the only real pictures I have, as opposed to old prints of scans – that do not do well online – are those Pop put in his scrapbook. Thanks Pop! So, as you read, if you have anything you’d like posted, I’d love to post it. Marilee


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