Early Hemmingsen Ancestry: Circles of Norway


We have been asked for early ancestry of great grandfather Ole Hemmingsen (1851-1903). Fan display of his data and that of his second wife, Alette Ingebrigtsdtr. (1862-1947), have come through their daughter, Mildred.1

The first pie set is for Ole; the second, Alette. Here they are in enlargeable PDF. Ole’s data is augmented below them; Chart 1 is from our father’s Family History.2 It is attended with Dad’s commentary which, among other interesting details, clarifies that Ole’s parents were cousins.

The four items shown below are unedited, except for corrections on “Ole Hemmingsen and his first wife, Berthe Mathiesen,” in “Chart No. 1”.

Ancestral Fan of Ole Hemmingsen (2 pieces)

Ancestors of Ole Hemmingsen 1851-1903. Belva Hemmingson Shelhamer Collection at marileewein.com

The comment that Ole’s birth in March 1851 was noted on US Census 1900 is realized in actual birth and baptism records of Norway. Likewise, April 1862 is supported for Alette.3

Ancestral Fan of Alette Ingebrigtsdatter

Ancestors of Alette Ingebrigtsdtr 1862-1947. Belva Hemmingson Shelhamer Collection at marileewein.com

Commentary on Hemmingsen Ancestry of Ole Mathias, By Grandson, John Oliver

Early Hemmingsen Background. Norway

This family background is based on information supplied by Universitets Bibliotheken Trondheim Norway.

The earliest Hemmingsens identified from the above source are:

Peder Hemmingsen (1611-?)

Paul Hemmingsen (1661-1751)

Both were born in Meraaker, a community east of Trondheim near the border between Norway and Sweden. (In those years there was no border, in that all of Scandinavia was one country.)

The next Hemmingsen identified is Sjursen Hemmingsen (1762-1820). Also born in Meraaker – while the source does not make a connection between (1) and (2) above with Sjursen Hemmingsen, further investigation might.

The First Hemmingsen Family Background will start with Sjursen Hemmingsen (1762-1820). [Chart No. 1]

Line A identifies the three children born to Sjursen and Guro Olsdtr Hemmingsen. These children were born and brought up on the very large Strigsve Farm in Stjordal.

In 1841, Ole and Ingrid Arnsdtr Hemmingsen left Stjordal with their seven children, cows and horses for Hattfjelldal 175 miles to the north, where they established and worked Nerli Farm. Ole Hemmingsen was an army officer, but also depended on the economics of farming for a living – Ole died in 1896 and is buried in Hattfjelldal.

In 1845 Ole’s brother, Paal and wife Marit Olsdtr. Along with their three children, also left Stjordal for Hattfjelldal where they established Ugelvatn Farm. Paal died in 1869 and is buried in the churchyard at Granremmen Hattfjelldal.

As indicated on Line “B-2”, Paal and Marit Olsdtr’s first born son, Hemmingsen Paulsen married his cousin Gurine Olsdtr and had a family of one son and eight daughters. The one son was Ole Hemmingsen (1847-1903) (This was my grandfather – I am John O. Hemmingsen, age 83 in 1996. This is to establish relationships.)

See Notes and Sources, Item 2.

Ancestral Chart of Ole Hemmingsen


Note: many documents cite the name “Hemming Paulsen (1826-1915), not Hemmingen Paulsen in the above chart. At any rate, father and mother outlived son by a dozen years. That means of Ole’s descendants with Berith, our Aunts Margaret and Marie, our father, and perhaps Uncle Bill, were at least contemporary with their great grandfather and great grandmother on Matt’s side. Still the only grand lap available was in British Columbia; that of Margaret Donaldson (Alexander) Mitchell, born Baxter, of Margaret’s side.

Please leave comments, questions and corrections below.

COPYRIGHT: Posts authored by Doublegenealogytheadoptionwitness are copyright © marileewein.com 2018-2019. All rights reserved.

Notes and Sources

1 The Belva Hemmingson Shelhamer Family Collection at MarileeWein.com. Descendants of Paul, son of Ole and Alette.

2 The Hemmingsen Family Collection including “John O Hemmingsen/Mary Margaret Hemmingsen (Dickson)” authored 1999 by John Oliver Hemmingsen. All materials posthumously published here are copyright © Marilee Wein 2018-2019. All rights reserved.  The collection also holds related material such as the newspaper articles, pictures, etc. Descendants of Matt son of Ole and Berith.

3 The National Archives of Norway, the Digital Archives”. https://media.digitalarkivet.no Church book for Vefsn parish 1851-1858 SAT/A-1459/820/L0301 [copy version] [Ole Mathias 1851]; Church book for Vefsn parish 1851-1854 SAT/A-1459/820/L0292 [Berith Hass] and Alette: SAT/A-1459/823/L0324 SAT, Ministerialprotokoller, klokkerbøker og fødselsregistre – Nordland, 823/L0324: Parish register (official) no. 823A01, 1860-1878, p. 6 Transcribed by Jostein Mediaa. Found at https://www.digitalarkivet.no

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  1. I am so impressed by how much work was put into this genealogy fan. It brings you so much closer to a kinship with ancestors. In my genealogy I find names to be deeply provocative, especially the long Mexican ones.

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