Double Genealogy: the Adoption Witness (1)


This is my first website and its first post! Today holds another first for me; I am now an author. So yes, they are interconnected.

 “Double Genealogy: the Adoption Witness” started as a quest for heritage, specifically, of my grandfather and his mother. It became much more, because he was unexpectedly, found adopted. So was his same aged cousin, who was unrelated biologically.   Although all that would take forever to ferret out! Out of wedlock conspired to hide facts.


I succeeded, I think, to elucidate their backgrounds.  So, what more is there to talk about? “Who done it” and “missing person” searches, from long ago, for sure.

­­Lots more! The work was done armchair, by self, an amateur. (In full disclosure, I do have background in clinical research.) Data sources, documentation, and how done are provided. The reader is invited to evaluate, and perhaps arrive at different conclusions.  Let’s face it, there was no DNA involved.

Reader can deride approaches taken, or applaud. Indicating, of course, the better direction that could have been taken. But, one need not read the book to chime in with their own experience in genealogy, independent of birth factors. What works and what does not. Exasperation and triumph.

Definitely, lots more! Respect of intellectual property. Writing genealogy. Publishing. Reference citing. Copyright. Time management. Organizing data. What to pitch, what to save. Adoption. Illegitimacy. Blended family. Feelings. Difficulties in tracing ancestors, where such are factors. Or, not.

My next post will discuss what is meant by Double Genealogy. It will start with:  “Who am I”, that urge to know which exact union brought us forth, haunts, even as we are prideful of our uniqueness. Honoring forefathers feels important.

It passes through this: So, was that double genealogy? No. Just idle thoughts, mixed with facts. Double genealogy is not complicated. It simply means that if one wants to understand their interrupted ancestor, one must gather double detail.

To get to this:  She ladled me her soup and brought me to tears, seating me, by Grandad. She was the Mum of his heart.  

Please join me to find out what is written between! Come in, to join in.

Person Index, and Notes and Sources for the book are disclosed below

Notes, Sources, Person Index

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