The British Columbia Logger’s Girl in Newfoundland

The preceding two posts discussed Dad’s change of job, which was the reason we moved from our  remote logging camp in Port Renfrew, BC to the big town of Corner Brook, NL.1 That was the late 1940s; we remained in Newfoundland until shortly after its Confederation with Canada. This is the tale of our three … Continue reading The British Columbia Logger’s Girl in Newfoundland


        Government classified our Hemmingsen-Cameron logging operation in Port Renfrew BC, including its management, as “essential” to the Allied war effort.1 That was due to export of the very finest Sitka Spruce to the UK, where it became a component of certain bombers. After the war, the company was sold to British … Continue reading NEWFOUNDLAND: LOGGING PRE and POST CONFEDERATION

REDIRECTING “MEMORIES”: Oldfoundpeople and Newfoundland

The category “Memories” on this blog has covered my early years in our logging camp at Port Renfrew, British Columbia, circa 1940.   That era was captured in a series of posts named “From The Logging Camps” that were drawn from a scrapbook my father constructed for me, in 2000. He called it “Forest Regeneration”.  … Continue reading REDIRECTING “MEMORIES”: Oldfoundpeople and Newfoundland

Logging camps: Trucks, Clothes Line, Pulley, and Patents

A previous post in “From the logging camps” shared a front view of a logging truck, circa 1943, in Port Renfrew at the Hemmingsen-Cameron operation. This is the same truck, side view, showing my big brother, myself, my father, and grandfather. 1 And, something else. Heeding the warning “don’t air your dirty laundry”, only clean … Continue reading Logging camps: Trucks, Clothes Line, Pulley, and Patents

From the logging camps (6)

"Port Renfrew - 50 Years Later" completes the scrapbook made for me, by my father, John Oliver Hemmingsen. He called it "Forest Regeneration".1 Previous posts covered much of the book. This part accounts for a trip Dad made to the area with Uncle Bob, and my older brother John,  in 1990.  For some time by … Continue reading From the logging camps (6)

From The Logging Camps (5)

This continues the scrapbook Dad made for me about Port Renfrew, BC entitled “Forest Regeneration”.  (ca 1939-1940). 1      Earlier posts described our family life in this remote spot on Vancouver Island as was topical on Dad's pages one and two. This is from page 2 and begins the discussion of  camp operations and … Continue reading From The Logging Camps (5)

From the logging camps (4)

This completes the discussion on Page 1 of Pop’s scrapbook. It was featured in larger print in the last post: “From the Logging Camps (3)”. 1 Pop wrote that our residence in the early 1940s at Camp 2, Port Renfrew, BC, was 10 miles up the railway that began at the mouth of the San … Continue reading From the logging camps (4)

Maquinna: Calling on the Way Stops of Life

The intention here, was to present a particular picture of Princess Maquinna.  After all, she had been referenced in the prior three posts on this part of the blog. This was her time; present her, then to move on to the next page of Pop’s scrapbook. Scrapbook? Well, she was scrapped and is now scrapbooked … Continue reading Maquinna: Calling on the Way Stops of Life

From the logging camps (3)

It is just too hard to leave Port Renfrew, so, you’ll not hear of life in  Corner Brook, NL, or the BC environs of Victoria, Port Alberni, Great Central Lake, or Nanaimo, just yet. OK, maybe even after mentions of Lake Cowichan, Chemainus,  and the Malahat, too. And, if my dear cuz Barb has her … Continue reading From the logging camps (3)

From the logging camps (2)

PORT RENFREW: the LAMBSY DIVEY MURDER We are not finished with Port Renfrew. You see, Mum created my indoor pets. The best were giraffe, little Lambsy Divey, and Blue Teddy. I had loved them, my whole life long, and, at the time of the event, which is about to unfold, with a four-year old’s passion. … Continue reading From the logging camps (2)