Maquinna: Calling on the Way Stops of Life

The intention here, was to present a particular picture of Princess Maquinna.  After all, she had been referenced in the prior three posts on this part of the blog. This was her time; present her, then to move on to the next page of Pop’s scrapbook. Scrapbook? Well, she was scrapped and is now scrapbooked … Continue reading Maquinna: Calling on the Way Stops of Life

Writing Genealogy: Starting Off

The moment we sit down to begin a genealogical journey, we realize we should have started long ago, actually penning to paper, in real-time, what our dearly departed had vocalized. That is especially true for the faceless; those ancestors, we never met.  What commonly happened was this; Grandfather identified his grandmother by name, and thereafter, … Continue reading Writing Genealogy: Starting Off