Hemmingsen-Mathisdatter: Mathisen-Hemmingsdatter

This new blog category, "Before Memories" is dedicated to those ancestors my generation never met - generally, those before our grandparents' time. Grandparents' early life will appear here and their aging experience  will continue under "Memories", as we knew them.  Paternal lines of Hemmingsen -Mathisdatter and Alexander-Baxter will be posted here, as well our maternal … Continue reading Hemmingsen-Mathisdatter: Mathisen-Hemmingsdatter

From The Logging Camps (5)

This continues the scrapbook Dad made for me about Port Renfrew, B.C., entitled “Forest Regeneration” (ca 1939-1940).1 Earlier posts under "From The Logging Camps" described our family life in this remote spot on Vancouver Island. Hemmingsen-Cameron Company Ltd. was co-owned with my grandfather, Matt Hemmingsen (1876-1967). Inklings as to previous and next owners can be … Continue reading From The Logging Camps (5)