Matt Hemmingsen 1876-1967: In The Beginning Again.

We can never get to the beginning, but for a solid Generation One we will settle on Hemming Sivertsen and his wife, Guro Olsdatter.1 They were born about 1762 and 1771 respectively, of heritage long established around the Trondheim area of Trondelag County, Norway. OH! Those names may be familiar. We published Early Hemmingsen Ancestry: … Continue reading Matt Hemmingsen 1876-1967: In The Beginning Again.

Hemmingsen-Mathisdatter: Mathisen-Hemmingsdatter

This new blog category, "Before Memories" is dedicated to those ancestors my generation never met - generally, those before our grandparents' time. Grandparents' early life will appear here and their aging experience  will continue under "Memories", as we knew them.  Paternal lines of Hemmingsen -Mathisdatter and Alexander-Baxter will be posted here, as well our maternal … Continue reading Hemmingsen-Mathisdatter: Mathisen-Hemmingsdatter

From The Logging Camps (5)

This continues the scrapbook Dad made for me about Port Renfrew, B.C., entitled “Forest Regeneration” (ca 1939-1940).1 Earlier posts under "From The Logging Camps" described our family life in this remote spot on Vancouver Island. Hemmingsen-Cameron Company Ltd. was co-owned with my grandfather, Matt Hemmingsen (1876-1967). Inklings as to previous and next owners can be … Continue reading From The Logging Camps (5)