From The Logging Camps (5)

This continues the scrapbook Dad made for me about Port Renfrew, B.C., entitled “Forest Regeneration” (ca 1939-1940).1 Earlier posts under "From The Logging Camps" described our family life in this remote spot on Vancouver Island. Hemmingsen-Cameron Company Ltd. was co-owned with my grandfather, Matt Hemmingsen (1876-1967). Inklings as to previous and next owners can be … Continue reading From The Logging Camps (5)

From the logging camps (4)

This complete discussion on Page 1 of Pop’s scrapbook entitled "Forest Regeneration" that was featured in larger print in the last post: “From the Logging Camps (3)”.1 Pop wrote that our Camp 2 residence in the early 1940s at Port Renfrew, BC, was 10 miles up the logging railway that began at the mouth of … Continue reading From the logging camps (4)

From the logging camps (3)

It is just too hard to leave Port Renfrew, so we will not tell of life in Corner Brook, NL, or the BC environs of Victoria, Port Alberni, Great Central Lake, or Nanaimo just yet.  Lake Cowichan, Chemainus and the Malahat shall equally wait.   By this time of his life, Grandad James Dickson, who … Continue reading From the logging camps (3)

From the logging camps (2)

PORT RENFREW: the LAMBSY DIVEY MURDER We are not finished with Port Renfrew. You see, Mum created my indoor pets. The best were giraffe, little Lambsy Divey, and Blue Teddy. I had loved them, my whole life long and, at the time of the event which is about to unfold, with a four-year old’s passion. … Continue reading From the logging camps (2)