The British Columbia Logger’s Girl in Newfoundland

The preceding two posts discussed Dad’s change of job, which was the reason we moved from our remote logging camp in Port Renfrew, B.C., to the big town of Corner Brook, NL.1 That was the late 1940s; we remained in Newfoundland until shortly after its Confederation with Canada. This is the tale of our three … Continue reading The British Columbia Logger’s Girl in Newfoundland

From the logging camps (1)

I am granddaughter of a coal miner and a logger. The miner made his way to British Columbia (BC) from Scotland; the logger, from Norway, through Wisconsin. PORT RENFREW: EARTHQUAKE and TSUNAMI 1940s I was just a little girl, with a pet deer, growing up in a logging camp at Port Renfrew, BC. We were  … Continue reading From the logging camps (1)