From the logging camps (6)

"Port Renfrew 50 Years Later" completes the scrapbook made for me, by my father, John Oliver Hemmingsen. He called it "Forest Regeneration".1 Previous posts covered much of the book. This part accounts for a trip Dad made to the area with Uncle Bob, with my older brother John, in 1990.  For some time by then, there … Continue reading From the logging camps (6)

From The Logging Camps (5)

This continues the scrapbook Dad made for me about Port Renfrew, B.C., entitled “Forest Regeneration” (ca 1939-1940).1 Earlier posts under "From The Logging Camps" described our family life in this remote spot on Vancouver Island. Hemmingsen-Cameron Company Ltd. was co-owned with my grandfather, Matt Hemmingsen (1876-1967). Inklings as to previous and next owners can be … Continue reading From The Logging Camps (5)

From the logging camps (4)

This complete discussion on Page 1 of Pop’s scrapbook entitled "Forest Regeneration" that was featured in larger print in the last post: “From the Logging Camps (3)”.1 Pop wrote that our Camp 2 residence in the early 1940s at Port Renfrew, BC, was 10 miles up the logging railway that began at the mouth of … Continue reading From the logging camps (4)

Maquinna: Calling on the Way Stops of Life

The intention here, was to present a particular picture of Princess Maquinna.  After all, she had been referenced in three prior posts on this part of the blog. This was her time; present her, then to move on to the next page of Pop’s scrapbook. Scrapbook? Well, she was scrapped and is now scrapbooked on … Continue reading Maquinna: Calling on the Way Stops of Life

From the logging camps (1)

I am granddaughter of a coal miner and a logger. The miner made his way to British Columbia (BC) from Scotland; the logger, from Norway, through Wisconsin. PORT RENFREW: EARTHQUAKE and TSUNAMI 1940s I was just a little girl, with a pet deer, growing up in a logging camp at Port Renfrew, BC. We were  … Continue reading From the logging camps (1)