Our Anecdotal Jewishness

Dad did a family history with intent to cover his, and our mother’s ancestry.1 He wrote mostly of his memories, but hired professional genealogists to document what came before. They outright failed his father-in-law on our Scots side, understandably, for the reason that made him subject of “Double Genealogy: The Adoption Witness”.2 They equally failed … Continue reading Our Anecdotal Jewishness

Not My Ancestor: Maybe Yours?

This column will be continuously updated as time permits, but is not for my usual blog readers. It is just data; no story.  Leads we chase in research often result in dead-end, as far as our own needs are concerned. The path is sometimes convoluted by data gaps or inconsistencies. A heap of work is … Continue reading Not My Ancestor: Maybe Yours?

Writing Genealogy: Use the Kitchen Sink

So you have some data – maybe a lot – where your research has turned out to belong to an unrelated person or event. Delete it? Perish the thought!  Time is money, or at least, usable tidbit. If you just want a family tree, a list of names, dates and occupations, this is not for … Continue reading Writing Genealogy: Use the Kitchen Sink

Writing Genealogy – Intro

  Finding ancestor tidbits. Organizing. Writing. Citing. Publishing. Copyright. ETC. The easiest question will be this: if one is only interested in drawing a family tree, why worry about documenting sources? Why write about it? The answer is in the continuous budding one hopes, for that tree. The next generation to dig into its roots … Continue reading Writing Genealogy – Intro

The Journey Begins


This journey is dedicated to our ancestors. It passes through this blog of three components. The first invites reader questions on persons or families covered in the book, or on the conduct of its research and conclusions reached. The book, “Double Genealogy: the Adoption Witness” is featured under the "Home" tab. It is a true … Continue reading The Journey Begins