The Journey Begins


This journey is dedicated to our ancestors. It passes through this blog of three components. The first invites reader questions on persons or families covered in the book, or on the conduct of its research and conclusions reached. The book, “Double Genealogy: the Adoption Witness” is featured under the “Home” tab. It is a true account of establishing the identity Grandfather’s mother and then, of locating his own birth particulars. Turns out, he was adopted, for a five year search for answers, both adoptive and biological.

The second component is a discussion around “writing genealogy” from concept to published product. Disclaimer: author is amateur. The third holds impressions of the author’s childhood.

Here, are especially held dear, those who were known as illegitimate, bastard, spurned or orphaned. These were our interrupted.  They may be ours biologically or through the embrace of foster or adoption. Together, they formed our yesteryear family. We go forward, from mutual impact, one on the other, as one.

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