Imagining Genealogy Fairly

Oh. We meant imagining genealogy “Fairlie”. You see, had you read a preceding post here, “Imagining Genealogy from a Death Bed Rant” then you’d know we had been unfairly stymied by Jane Carroll. Jane repeatedly claimed she was born in Scotland around 1861, including at her last available census, that of 1911, when she was … Continue reading Imagining Genealogy Fairly

Double Genealogy (2)

That urge to know which union brought us forth, that “who am I”, haunts, even as we are prideful of uniqueness. Honoring forefathers brings relief. We are, at birth, what our immediate two ancestors put on our biological table, our hereditary nugget. The arch of the eyebrow and action of the knee-joint are mine, through … Continue reading Double Genealogy (2)

To My Family

Dear family, Forty years ago, Mum asked if I knew the maiden name of Grandad’s mother. I did not, and forgot the question until recently. Mum passed before the internet hosted the robust genealogical search sites of today. Five years ago, it occurred that within a few clicks, I could have her answer. And I … Continue reading To My Family