To My Family

TitleOnlyDear family,

Forty years ago, Mum asked if I knew the maiden name of Grandad’s mother. I did not, and forgot the question until recently. Mum passed before the internet hosted the robust genealogical search sites of today. Five years ago, it occurred that within a few clicks, I could have her answer. And I did. Her name was Maggie Gemmell, yet, it would take years to confidently prove it.  Maggie held an important detail back, prompting more and more clicks, until finally a much more complicated story emerged.


By 2015, I released some information to you, in informal format. I was not feeling in immediate peril, on the other hand, did not want to take the chance of releasing nothing. Please delete it. This corrects some content, adds much depth, and offers full data sourcing, should someone wish to take our story farther. 

Much more data is available on ancestral branches that did not make the book, and on  unrelated family lines. The latter accrued when research went down rabbit holes, and was stopped upon finding a record of rebuttal, indicating bunny was hopping in the wrong direction.  Some of those stories will appear here, over time.

Double Genealogy: the Adoption Witness was undertaken to share the path of data discovery and conclusion for other researchers. It will sit in a niche of adoption ancestry. As well, it is to disclose my data horde, for it is indexed, pointing to some of the persons on which it exists.

Grandad’s children, we know, were three. They are gone, by decades. My generation counted seven. We fondly remember the one  who departed this year. Rest in peace, dear cousin.

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One thought on “To My Family

  1. I am always impressed by your thorough and sensitive examination of the available evidence, Marilee. I can only imagine that in some families uncomfortable truths are at times uncovered. My own view is that truth is always better confronted that left buried. We may look w/ disapproval on a few of the choices our ancestors made, but we cannot know all the challenges they faced. Let us hope our own choices are viewed w/ compassion and understanding by future generations.


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